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This website is a hobby-project intended for a Dutch speaking audience. The non-commercial aim is to furnish general information about Andalusia.

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This website maintains a managed link page with about 400 links in 26 categories. Link addition is free. As most Dutch speaking people do understand english in some degree, links to english language websites will be accepted without any problem. The author reserves the right to refuse links to certain websites without prior notice. Websites have to be related to Andalusia and/or Spain. Click here to add your site.

Important Copyright Notice
The author wants to stress he aims to preserve everybody's copyrights to the highest levels. Most knowledge used to write this website is although "common knowledge" achieved by popular education, well known stories belonging to the public domain and information told by tourguides on excursions.

Although this respect for other peoples intelectual property, it is not always possible to immediately recognise copyright protected content as such. If you might encounter such content on this website, than it should be clear that this content has been published without any intention to damage other peoples rights. The author will be happy to be informed about this, after which immediately the necesarry changes and copyright referrals will be added.

All pictures on this website were made be the author himself and with consent with the owners and after consultation of present security personnel. The aim of the publication of this website is to present an attractive image of Andalusia and its features. This does not serve a commercial aim for the author.

The main reason why this website is made is that there is no complete information in Dutch language available to a broad audience on the internet. The author begun this website as his "personal archive" of his knowledge of Andalusia.

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Bijzondere vakantie-huizen in Andalusië. Accommodaties op rustige lokaties, bijna alle voorzien van een privé-zwembad.

Spaans leren in Spanje.